Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood reiterates $500K BTC price, cites institutional investor interest as key

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  • Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood says galore organization investors are yet to participate the crypto space

  • She says organization investors proceed to allocate immense chunks of their concern into BTC and that Bitcoin terms volition surge by $500,000 if hedge funds and different big-money investors enactment conscionable 5% of their wealth into the asset.

Cathie Wood, the American capitalist whose popularity has skyrocketed implicit the past twelvemonth owed to her concern strategies, has erstwhile again reiterated her Bitcoin terms call.

It’s not the archetypal clip Wood is predicting however precocious the cryptocurrency could surge. In September, the Ark Invest CEO expressed a akin bullish view connected Bitcoin, saying its worth volition yet surge to $550,000 implicit the adjacent fewer years.

She has repeated the telephone successful an interrogation with CNBC connected Thursday, indicating this clip that she believes the introduction of large wealth into the crypto abstraction volition catapult BTC by $500k.

Wood noted that institutions lone request to allocate 5% oregon truthful of their investment into Bitcoin to spot the pioneer cryptocurrency propulsion different $500,000 from existent prices.

According to her, specified an allocation to large portfolios request not hap overnight, but dilatory with time. Eventually, she sees BTC's terms reaching her earlier prediction of $550k, a script that calls for a tenfold summation successful the cryptocurrency’s value.

The “holy grail” of plus allocation

Wood suggested that the crypto assemblage has continually attracted immense superior inflows from hedge funds and different organization investors, thing apt to enactment successful favour of Bitcoin.

According to her, the crypto’s propulsion contiguous is down to capitalist appetite for opportunities different than stocks, bonds, oregon different specified accepted concern tools.

According to the investor, crypto presently fits into that class of plus people being sought by institutions. This “new plus class” she told CNBC, has Bitcoin and Ethereum arsenic the 2 astir invested.

As investors question caller ways to diversify their portfolios, Wood said the cardinal lies successful identifying that which has debased correlations to existent positions.

She pointed retired that this is however concern managers execute diversification, calling specified a realization the “holy grail” of plus allocation.

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