Where to Buy FNK — Users Can Earn up to 15% APY

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FNK has seen a price rise of over 320% in the last seven days alone as buyers have swooped in.

FNK is a custodian platform that pays interest on deposited crypto assets and stablecoins. The platform promises to pay APYs (annual percentage yield) of up to 25% for crypto deposits and 20% for stablecoins, such as USDT (tether).

The project has seen some dramatic price increases of late, with a boost of 597% in the last 30 days. To put this into perspective, an investment of $100 made 30 days ago would now be worth nearly $700 – which represents a sevenfold increase for anyone who decided to buy FNK 30 days ago.

Where to buy FNK


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Why should I buy FNK?

For making this decision, it is highly recommended that you do your own research. Although the coin has seen a rise in price in recent days as traders buy FNK, their whitepaper is written in Russian, making it hard for non-speakers to understand exactly what makes the project tick.

However, some traders will have been able to trade its price moves successfully despite not understanding this or what the developers’ aims and intentions are.

Trading volume has risen by 258% in the last 24 hours to reach $158,868,033 – which indicates that there is strong buying pressure for the project. If this continues, traders could continue to make profitable trades.

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